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Hojin Kwon is a recorder player, active soloist and chamber music performer based in Switzerland.


After completing her bachelor’s degree at the Korea National University of Arts, her passion for the recorder and early music brought her to Europe. There, Hojin continued her studies at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis, completing a master’s degree in performance with Conrad Steinmann and a Master’s degree in Music Pedagogy with an Early Music specialization with Katharina Bopp, both with the highest distinction.


Several influences have been playing a big role in shaping Hojin’s musical sense and expression; the teachings of Conrad Steinmann, workshops and masterclasses conducted by Jörg-Andreas Bötticher, Kees Boeke, Pedro Memelsdorff, Han Tol, Pierre Hamon and Erik Bosgraaf.


As a soloist, Hojin has been claimed several prizes in international competitions. At the prestigious MA competition in Brugge 2021, she was award the 2nd Prize and Audience’s Prize. In London 2019, she claimed the 2nd Prize at the Moeck/SRP Solo Recorder Playing Competition.

During her time in Switzerland, Hojin has formed several ensembles. Among those, her ensemble Sonorità has been awarded with multiple prizes, such as the 1st Prize of the Concours de musique du Lyceum Club International de Suisse in 2018 and the 2nd Prize and public's award from the XIX. Biagio-Marini-Wettbewerb. With these ensembles, she has performed at international festivals such as the Festival FAMB and the Utrecht Early Music Festival.


Hojin’s music has brought her to play throughout Europe and Asia with various orchestras and has been broadcasted by the South Korean radio station specializing in Korean traditional music Gugak FM , the national Swiss radio channel SRF 2 Kultur, the British national radio station BBC 3.



M.Uccellini |Sonata Nona Op.5

J.S.Bach|Sonata BWV 1016 Allegro

F.Turini|Sonata a doi violini e basso secondo tuono

Oded Geizhals|for dancer, zarb and recorder consort

G.Ph.Telemann|Concerto in G minor - Allegro

G. Sammartini| Sonata in G minor

Jean-Féry Rebel|"La Pallas"

J.S.Bach |Sonata BWV1033 Adagio

C.Monteverdi|Zefiro torna e di soavi accenti

북한개량 단소 협주곡 서도아리랑|Arirang

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